What is Starvation? How does it differ and is similar to deadlock?

Hello friends, In this blog post(What is Starvation) I am going to let you about the problem of starvation which is also known as indefinite postponement, indefinite blocking, or starvation.

In any system that keeps processes waiting while it makes resource allocation and process scheduling decisions, it is possible to delay indefinitely the scheduling of a process while other processes receive the system’s attention. This results in a situation like starvation|What is Starvation|

indefinite may occur because of biases in a system’s resource scheduling policies. When resources are scheduled on a priority basis, it is possible for a given process to wait for resources indefinite as processes with higher priority continue arriving. Waiting is an important aspect of what goes on inside the computer system|What is Starvation|

The system should be designed to manage the waiting process fairly as well as efficiently. In some systems, indefinite postponement is prevented by allowing a process’s priority to increase as it waits for a resource.

This is called aging. Eventually, that process’s priority will exceed the priorities of all incoming processes, and the waiting process will be serviced.

Difference between deadlock and starvation:

Deadlock is a situation where a process is waiting for an event that will never occur. Whereas starvation is a situation where a process is waiting for an event that occurs but is always affecting other processes.

Similarities between deadlock and starvation:

In both deadlock and starvation, a process is waiting for an event to occur.

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