What is a token bus in the computer network?

Hello friends, In this blog post(What Is Token Bus) I am going to let you know about a LAN network standard that is token Bus which is also known as 802.4.

In this blog post(What Is Token Bus), we are going to explore What is a token bus and token ring? How does a token ring work? What is the Token Ring network?….

… What is Token Ring how does it work to differentiate between Token Ring and Token Bus? What is a token bus in a computer network? What are Token Ring and Token Bus? Why the token bus mechanism is better than Ethernet?|What Is Token Bus|

Standard 802.4(Token Bus) describes a LAN which is known as a token bus. Physically, the token bus is a linear or tree-shaped cable onto that station that is attached. |What Is Token Bus|

Logically, stations are organized on a right with each station knowing the address of the station to its right and left. if the logical ring is initialized, then the highest-numbered station may transmit the first frame.

After it is done, it passes permission to its closest neighbor by transmitting the neighbor a special control frame known as a token.

The token propagates around the logical ring, with the only token holder being allowed to send frames. Collision does not occur because only one station at a time holds the token.

Token Bus 802.4

The important thing to realize is that the physical order in which the stations are connected to the cable is not important. Because the cable is inherently a broadcast medium, every station receives every frame, discarding those not to address it.

If a station passes the token, then it transmits a token frame specifically addressed to its logical neighbor in the ring, irrespective of the physical location of that station on the cable.

It is also important to be noted that when stations are first powered on, They will not be in the ring. Therefore, the MAC protocol has provisions for adding stations to and deleting stations from the ring.

The 75-ohm broadband coaxial cable, used for cable television, is used by the token bus for the physical layer. Both single and double cable systems are permitted with or without head-ends.

Three different analog modulation methods are allowed- phase-coherent frequency shift keying, phase continuous frequency-shift keying, and multilevel duobinary amplitude modulated phase shift keying.

speeds of 1, 5, or 10 MBPS are possible. In addition, the modulation method not only provides ways to denote 0, 1, and idle on the cable but also three other symbols used for network control.

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Quick Q&A:

What is a computer bus in the computer?

As it’s very much clear from its name bus, like a big bus which is usually used to carry passengers from one place to another place,…

… the same way in computer the bus is used to carry the data or information from one component of the computer to another component of the computer or between the two computers.

In computer or bus is nothing but a wire or cable that transfers data from one component to another component.

What are computer buses and their types?

broadly bus is classified into three types in computer systems.

Data Bus
Address Bus
Control Bus

All three bus lines cooperate while transferring the data through them.

The data bus is also known as a signal line which is used to transfer the data between CPU and Memory and CPU and I/O. The data bus also handles the data stored in the specified location.

What are the 3 types of buses in computer systems?

Three types of buses used in computer systems are given below:

Address bus – Address bus is generally used to carry the addresses from the processor to the other computer component like primary storage and input/output devices.

Data bus – Data bus is used to carry the data from the processor to the other computer components.

Control bus – The control bus is used to carry the control signal from the processor to the other computer component.

What is the example of computer buses?

An example of the most popular computer buses is given below:

eSATA and SATA – Computer hard drives and disc drives.

PCIe – Computer expansion cards and video cards.

USB – Computer peripherals.

Thunderbolt- Peripherals connected through a USB-C cable.

What is the bus size of the computer?

We can identify the bus size by knowing a factor that how many bits it carries in parallel at once.

Common bus sizes are 4 bits, 8 bits, 12 bits, 16 bits, 24 bits, 32 bits, 64 bits, 80 bits, 96 bits, and 128 bits.

Computers use such buses to link: the CPU to onboard Memory.

What are bus computer advantages?

The advantages of Bus Topology are given below :

bus network works efficiently and smoothly if the network is small.
In a bus network, the length of cable required is less than a star topology.
Adding and removing the devices in this bus network is quite easy and simple without affecting the other devices.
This bus topology is very cheap on the economic front as it is quite cheaper as compared to the other topology like Star and Mesh.

What are the characteristics of a computer bus?

The computer bus characteristics are dependent on many factors like processor, speed, and word length of the data instructions.

The size of a bus is also considered as the width of the bus, this determines how much data can be transferred at a time.

And this data transfer also indicates the number of available wires in the bus network.

Where are bus networks used?

We often use the bus network to that places where the network size is small, the cost is cheap, and this seems to be a temporary network that does not rely on very high data-transfer speed.

they may be used in locations like offices, laboratories, etc.

What is the bus used by RAM?

This is nothing but a set of wires which carry the memory addresses and data to and fro between the main memory(RAM) and memory controller and is known as the memory bus.

It is generally a combination of an address bus and a data bus and is often called a system bus.

What is bus classification?

Based on the quantity to be specified the buses are classified into three categories:

generation bus
load bus
slack bus

Where are computer buses located?

The computer system contains various internal and external components.

These all components are physically connected and can communicate with each other with the help of the network wires running across the computer system.

And these network wires are only referred to as computer buses.

What is a disadvantage of a bus network?

The disadvantages of computer bus are given below:

Limited cable length – The central cable or bus has a limited length in the bus topology.

If the cable becomes too long it can cause signal loss along with data errors.

We can not use bus topology for a large or very large network.

What is the primary function of the bus?

The computer bus allows the data and commands to pass between the CPU and other computer devices for successful communication.


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