Would Practice Exercise(would+be, have&been).

Hello Friends, In this blog post(Would Practice Exercise) I am going to let you know about the ‘Would’ model verb of the English grammar.

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‘Would’ is a magical model verb that has a very important role in handling the past conversation in the present time.|Would Practice Exercise|

As we all know ‘will’ is used for future activity but ‘would’ is used for telling about past activities.|Would Practice Exercise|

There could be various suffixes combinations(would+be, have, have been, etc…)…

…of ‘would’ which is also used to speak about the past scenario.

‘Would’ (Would Practice Exercise) is usually used in ten types of sentences with 20 different usages. See the below image.

In this blog post, we are specifically going to give you lots of practice exercise examples.

So that you can understand this in a better way.

Now, you can see the world practice exercise examples below:

would practice exercise3
would practice exercise3
would practice exercise4
would practice exercise4
would practice exercise5
would practice exercise5
would practice exercise6
would practice exercise6
would practice exercise7
would practice exercise7
would practice exercise8
would practice exercise8
would practice exercise9
would practice exercise9

So friends, till now you have seen various practice exercise examples above in this blog post.

Now you will also see a few quick Q&A based on ‘would’ below.

Which will surely raise your basic understanding related to would.

Quick Q&A:

What type of tense is Would?

Basically ‘would’ is used for past tense.

But as this is an auxiliary verb, it is also used in many other ways.

Sometimes it is also used for expressing the scenario of the present tense.

Can I use would for the past tense?

See, it is not just only for past tense, but this is also used in various…

…scenarios where it could also be used in present and future tense.

‘Would’ can be used for expressing repeated past actions which do not happen now anymore.

For example:- when I was kid, I would go to the park, and I would meet my friend Rahul every day.

We would play together in the park.

Can ‘Would’ be used in the future perfect tense?

Yes, Instead of ‘will’ we use ‘would’, and it gives the sense of past activity.

As there could be multiple uses of would. So it is also used within the past perfect sentences.

And they are known as conditional sentences.

In conditional sentences would be used within the past indefinite, and past perfect tense.

So to make it better understood you should learn all possible uses of would that we can have.

So, friends, these were the would practice exercise examples.

Which would be a great help for your spoken English practice using ‘would’.

What is the meaning of would have?

There can be two meanings of ‘would have’.

one is “to hold something” or “pass hona”

another is ‘the thing is already done or finished’ or “ho chuka hoga” or “ho chuka hota”

What is the special use of would?

‘would’ can be used in many senses.

You can use it for polite requests.

You can use it for permission.

You can use it for possibilities.

You can use it for conditional sentences.

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