What is DBA and its functions?

A DBA in DBMS is a person having central control over the database system. DBA full form is ‘Database Administrator’ A DBA is assigned a certain set of functions that he needs to control and monitor all the time|What is DBA and its functions|

Several functions of DBA help in creating and maintaining the whole database management cycle to have all the transactions correctly |What is DBA and its functions|

Within this extensive blog(What is DBA and its functions) we are going to let you know about What are the functions of DBA. What are SQL DBA’s roles and responsibilities? What are the types of DBA? Why do we need a database administrator? What are the responsibilities of DBA? What is the overall responsibility of the DBA? What is the role of DBA in databases?

The functions of DBA are explained below:


This is the very first step where DBA creates the database module or schema by executing the set of data definition language or statements which is DDL.


Once the starting schema is set the DBA can make some changes to the schema as per the requirement of physical organization structure and this change is reflected in the database.

Mean to say the DBA always tries to alter the records to make better performance of the data module or related body or organization.


The database of any organization body is generally huge and can have several modules in it.

Then it is the responsibility of the DBA to provide the authorization for all users based on their task on a particular database module.

Say DBA provides only read permission to user A to just analyzing the data view.

Whereas he has permitted B to alter the data if it is wrong.

So there could be several permissions on specific or several modules decided and regulated by a database DBA.


There could be lots of situations where data can be damaged or distorted by several causes, it could be human mistakes or a natural disaster. so to fight such situations DBA ensures to have a strong backup for the database.

A periodic backup could be either on a tape disc, tape, or on the remote server to prevent the loss of data in case of any casualty maintained by DBA.

DBA also ensures that there is enough space on the disc so that normal operations can easily be performed and can be upgraded easily.

DBA ensures that all the tasks or database jobs run smoothly.

And never an expensive or heavy job affects the running jobs smoothly.

This means that no job should affect the processing or execution of another job.

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DBA(What is DBA and its functions) full form is a database administrator. The role of a DBA in DBMS is just like a manager or boss who has control over all the activity happening in the system. DBA functions are a list of all the tasks or jobs that a DBA executes or ensures as a procedure while doing any transaction. functions of DBA are just to create a database schema and then modify it as per the requirement and then provide the necessary authorization to all the users as per their role. and last, Take care of routine maintenance to prevent the loss of data due to any disaster.

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