XAMPP Server Tutorial: How to install XAMPP Server on your local computer?

Hello Friends, In this blog post(XAMPP Server Tutorial: How to install XAMPP Server on your local computer), I will let you know about the XAMPP server. What is the XAMPP server used for? and how to install Xampp on your local computer.

Within this blog post(XAMPP Tutorial: How to install XAMPP Server on your local computer), we will discuss a few other important questions related to the XAMPP server:

What is the XMPP server used for?
How do I run an XAMPP server?
Is the XAMPP server free?
Can you use Xampp as a Web server?
Does PHP need a server?
How do I set up a server?
Why the WAMP server is used?
Is XAMPP safe to use?
What is a local web server?
Can I use XAMPP for Java?
How do I access localhost?
How do I know if XAMPP is working?
What are Xampp and its features?
How can I download the XAMPP server?
How do I access XAMPP localhost?
How to install the XAMPP Server on your local computer?

If you are seeking the XAMPP definition and XAMPP tutorial then you have landed at the very right place to learn about the amazing XAMPP server|How to install XAMPP Server on your local computer|

You would have listened to the name of the web server and localhost or local server|How to install XAMPP Server on your local computer|

As a live web server that keeps our website data and files, similarly, Xampp Server stores your web pages and files on the local server|How to install XAMPP Server on your local computer|

This is a local server that you can install on your local system and perform the testing on your website before it uploads to the web.

What Is Xampp Server? XAMPP full form?

Xampp Server is known as a local web server that provides a suitable environment for PHP, SQL, and more…

See the XAMPP description below.

X: Cross-platform- Xampp is cross-platform.

Cross-platform means it can be run on any computer machine and with any operating software or it is compatible with all types of computer hardware and software.

A: Apache server: Xampp includes the Apache server.

This server is required for running most applications or software like PHP.

It is the most usable web server software in the world.

It is popular because it is quick, reliable, and safe. It is open-source and free to use.

M: Maria DB – Xampp supports Maria DB.

Maria DB is a popular database server that is open source and developed by the original developers of MySQL.

P: PHP– Xampp supports PHP.

PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Processor(earlier it was known as Personal Home Page), It provides an environment for web development.

This is a server-side scripting language.

P: PERL – Xampp supports PERL.

PERL(Practical Extraction and reporting language) is a high-level general-purpose programming language. It is used in developing web applications.

Is the XAMPP server free?

Yes, the XAMPP server is completely free to set up and use for your development environment.

You can easily install Apache distribution which contains MariaDB, PHP, and Perl.

XAMPP is a completely open-source code that can be installed and used to create a development environment with ease.

What is the difference between XAMPP and WAMP servers?

XAMPP server is more compatible with the more variation of the operating system.

XAMPP can be run with Windows, Linux as well as Mac OS. On the other side, WAMP is a little restricted in terms of uses with the operating systems.

WAMP is used with the Windows 32-bit and Windows 64 versions.

That is also a reason that the XAMPP server is more popular than WAMP and most used across the world.

What does the Xampp server include…..? What is XAMPP MySQL?

When you start the Xampp server you see the various stuff explained below.

Apache: This is the most popular web server on the web which processes and supplies the web content to the computer.

MySQL: This functionality would be encapsulated with all the simple and complicated web applications.

This is always there for storing the data. MYSQL is the most popular database to work with. It is free & open source.

You can easily learn MYSQL associated with the XAMPP package and well work with PHP.

Filezilla: It is an FTP(file transfer protocol) server used for making smooth file transfers from the local server to the live server and vice…

Mercury: it is a simple and open-source mail server.

Tomcat: It is a freeware Java servlet for serving the Java application.

Apache and MYSQL are the best stuff for beginners, especially when working with PHP applications.

However, it is enough to play around with these two until you are working on localhost.

What is the benefit of the Xampp server with localhost? What are the advantages of XAMPP?

Both types of Xampp Server have equal importance, as a live server is used to keep our website data and make it live or visible to all users across the world.

But we can’t perform more testing work on the live server as it can create massive traffic and load to the live server thus may result in a hang or stuck our website.

So for testing work or update work for our website we need a server similar to our live server(the live server also has Xampp or Wamp installed).

So Xampp is the best option for achieving this.

It is open-source software and you can easily download and install it on your local machine.

Once you install this on your local machine then you can perform any number of tests or updations to your website.

How to install the Xampp Server?/ XAMPP Tutorial: How to install XAMPP on your local computer?

It is very simple to install the Xampp server.

You can download(XAMPP download 32-bit, XAMPP 5.6 download, etc) the setup over the internet, and after downloading the setup you can easily install it on your local machine.

You can go through the below links for the same. Just copy the link and paste it into the browser.




How to start Xampp Server?

Once your download is complete just open the Xampp control panel and start the service as per your requirement. See the below image for the same.


Note: This is the case when you are using Skype. Ignore this if you are not using it.

 Xampp Server and Skype run on the same port so remember to close the process for Skype in case it is running in the background else your Xampp will not start properly.

You can close it by just going to the taskbar(alt+ctrl+delete) and ending the Skype process.

Quick Q&A:

Can you use Xampp as a Web server?

Yes, you can use it as a web server, Apache is the main crunch that allows you to run your website over a web browser.

Does PHP need a server?

PHP has nothing to do with the web browser but PHP needs a web server.

Web browsers deal with only HTML code whereas when the browser needs to interact with the PHP.

It first sends the request to the web server and then the web server responds accordingly.

Is the XAMPP Server safe to use?

You can easily install and use it on your local machine for your project and web development but never use it in the production environment.

Make all the security and lock while using this XAMPP in machine development.

What is a local web server?

Any server like XAMPP which is hosted on your local machine or computer is a local web server.

And if the server is hosted elsewhere in a remote place then it is called a remote web server or web server.

What is the XMPP server used for?

The XAMPP server represents the client-server architecture, it utilizes a decentralized architecture.

Here clients do not communicate with each other directly, as all the users on the Xampp network are…

… provided with an XAMPP address that works like an email address to communicate over the XAMPP network.

How do I run an XAMPP server?

There is a below listed quick process to run your XAMPP server and it is also explained in this blog post.

  1. Step 1: Download. …
  2. Step 2: Run the .exe file. …
  3. Step 3: Deactivate any antivirus software. …
  4. Step 4: Deactivate UAC. …
  5. Step 5: Start the setup wizard. …
  6. Step 6: Choose software components. …
  7. Step 7: Choose the installation directory. …
  8. Step 8: Start the installation process.

Is Wamp better than XAMPP?

XAMPP is considered a more powerful and resource-taking tool or server than WAMP.

On one side where WAMP provides support for My SQL and PHP whereas XAMPP also provides support for the SSL.

As per the priority, we can not run both the servers installed together on our computer as XAMPP always gets higher priority than the WAMP server.

What are the advantages of Wamp?

The great benefit of using a WAMP server is that one can easily develop the code and test it offline and if necessary then can also upgrade it as per the requirement without affecting the live website.

This is a perfect environment to develop and test the PHP code with My SQL database before transferring the code to the live server.

You can also learn the XAMPP server in Hindi here…

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So friends, in this XAMPP tutorial(How to install XAMPP Server on your local computer) we have learned what is XAMPP server used for. You got to know about the XAMPP full form. We have also discussed a few important questions related to the XAMPP server(XAMPP Tutorial: How to install XAMPP on your local computer) like What is the XMPP server used for, How do I run an XAMPP server, Is the XAMPP server free, |How to install XAMPP Server on your local computer|

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