5 Free Email Marketing Software 2020 – To Send Mass Emails / How can I send unlimited emails for free?

Hello Friends, In this blog post(5 Free Email Marketing Software 2020) we are going to let you know about 5 Free Email Marketing Software. This is the time of bulk email marketing services along with other online marketing strategies and tools.

In today’s time, one who does not have to invest anything can also start email marketing with ease. And can promote his product and service all across the world. Some time ago there were limited email marketing providers so they rarely had any free trial of email. and if they had then it was a very little amount of emails for trials. And the email marketing plans were also too high|5 Free Email Marketing Software|

Inside this blog post(5 Free Email Marketing Software 2020), we are going to explore What is the best free email marketing service? Which software is best for email marketing? free email marketing tools? free bulk email marketing? free email marketing automation tools?

But now in the era of competition there several email marketing providers in the market which are lined up to sell their service at a very cheaper price and are also offering a huge email free trial. This competition in price and free email trial also forced to give a free email trial to those big and branded company which were not providing any free email trial|5 Free Email Marketing Software|

So this time it is very easy to test any email marketing service. And most of the email marketing companies are providing a huge free email trial plan so that it is sufficient for small companies and organizations. In this blog post, you can go through a few best email marketing software 2020|5 Free Email Marketing Software|

There have been many types of research on email marketing with an objective to find the best email marketing services and they made an interesting conclusion about email marketing that by investing $1 you can earn $38-$47 which is the best ROI and can not expect in any other online marketing|5 Free Email Marketing Software|

And today all the email marketing software is full of features and suitable for sending mass emails without having any technical knowledge and putting any extra effort. Even it is very easy to find the best free email marketing software to test first before its use|5 Free Email Marketing Software|

You can start with few subscribers and with the building relationship with customers you can gradually increase your subscribers and can grow your business with the passing time using tools of email marketing|5 Free Email Marketing Software|

5 best bulk free email sending email marketing sending services
5 Free Email Marketing Software

You will get below listed features in almost all the best email marketing examples.

  • Pre-Built email templates
  • Tracking facility
  • SMTP
  • Marketing automation
  • List segmentation
  • Data security

By going through this article(5 Free Email Marketing Software 2020) you will come to know a few email marketing services using which you can get all these features in your limited budget.

Here in this blog post, we have brought 5 best email marketing service with a free trial and with very cheap plans. After reviewing all you can select the best suitable for you as per your business requirement.

We have not explained Hubspot email marketing software here but you can also try this amazing email marketing solution.

Comparison Between The Free Email Marketing Software
ServiceBasic Plan EmailsSMTP Routing Workflow Automation
Pabbly Email Marketing  $29/mUnlimitedUnlimited
constant contact email marketing $20/mUnlimited
Mailer Lite$10/mUnlimitedNANA

1. Pabbly Email Marketing – 5 Free Email Marketing Software 2020

Pabbly Email marketing is a very popular service and using this amazing service you can easily send mass emails with built-in SMTP and can add multiple third-party SMTP and can perform SMTP routing to send emails through different-2 SMTP. You can use an email autoresponder to properly sending the follow-up emails to visiting users until they are converted as our customers.

With a cost of $0, you can send 120000 emails/month. And further, send the unlimited emails at the cost of nominal price with their own inbuilt-SMTP. You can connect through multiple external SMTP and can send your emails by SMTP routing and can get high delivery of 99%.

You can get several amazing pre-built email templates based on the different-2 niche. select the best template and create your beautiful email campaign and send it to your customer and do the proper follow up with the email autoresponder and email automation.

This email marketing software workflow does expect you to have any technical or coding knowledge, It’s workflow is refined by A/B testing. You just sign up for your account and set up your account and start sending emails instantly.

pabbly - best email marketing service 2020
pabbly – 5 Free Email Marketing Software 2020


Email Builder – Build professional and amazing email templates with the help of a customizable pre-built template. You are also allowed to place your business logo.

List Management – Manage your contacts and subscribers on segmentation basis.

Auto-Responder – Send scheduled emails at a specific time and date.

Security – Active scanning, firewall, and SSL protection will provide an end to end security throughout your account and email transactions.

Automated Marketing – Trigger emails are sent on the basis of visitor’s actions on the website and the emails land in their inbox folder to make a proper follow-up.

Email Tracking – Get the proper email campaign stats like open email, click email, bounce, unsubscriber email and etc.

Forms – Create or build beautiful form to collect the email leads through your website.

2X open rate – Email will be resend automatically to non-open emails.

List Cleaning – Simply clean your email list without any extra charge and remove the bad emails from your list.

SMTP routing – Use multiple external SMTP and send emails using SMTP routing and get a high delivery rate.


Pabbly Email Marketing comes in five plans:

Pabbly email marketing offers a forever free email trial where you can send 12000 emails/month free of cost to 1100 subscribers. You can sign up for your Pabbly account and start sending free emails.

Rookie – $29/month – send unlimited emails to 5000 subscribers.

Pro – $49/month – send unlimited emails to 15000 subscribers.

Advance – $99 – send unlimited emails to 50000 subscribers.

Further, if you want to send more emails then you can contact their sales executive and can get a customized email plan as per your requirements.

Check it out more about Pabbly free email marketing service

2. SendinBlue –  Affordable Email Marketing

Using SendinBlue email marketing service you are allowed to send 9000 emails/month free of cost. You can send lots of times by automating most of the task using marketing automation. Using SendinBlue insert ads on Facebook and get a few new email leads. Using SendinBlue you can also perform SMS marketing and can promote your service and product.

SendinBlue - Best email marketing service 2020
SendinBlue – 5 Free Email Marketing Software 2020


Promotion – Promote your special and time-sensitive events using SendinBlue and also promote product, service, and events using emails.

Facebook Ads – Easy to scale-up the presence over social media, place ads on Facebook, and get more leads for your business. you can also compare your Facebook ads performance on different-2 pages.

Landing Page – Using SendinBlue you can simply create landing pages and you would not need to have a website to collect your email leads. you can create amazing and beautiful landing pages.

Contact Segmentation – Send emails on the basis of customer behavior, geolocation, and interest or purchase history.


Using SendinBlue free email trial send 9000 emails/month for free of cost, it means you can send 300 emails/day for free.

Lite – $29/month – Send 40000 emails/month without any daily restriction.

Essentials – $39/month – send 60000 emails per month, with additional features like marketing automation, SMS delivery, and Facebook ads.

Premium – $66/month – send 120000 emails/month with all the features.

Enterprise – You can send unlimited emails, for your customized plan you will just need to contact the sales executive.

Check it out more details about SendinBlue free email marketing service.

3. Constant Contact – Bulk Email Marketing Services

Constant Contact is not completely free but it is close to free as you can send 10000 emails at the cost of just $5. Further, you can build dynamic content emails, a ton of email campaigns with the help of pre-built templates.

Simple to collect email leads using pop-up forms and you can also import contacts from CRM or old emailing list. You can perform the A/B testing Using Constant Contact and get the best templates after testing the subject and content of emails and thus can increase the email inbox rate. Use Constant Contact mobile apps over your phone device and access your emails over the phone.

Constant contact -best email marketing service 2020
Constant contact -5 Free Email Marketing Software 2020


Welcome, Email – Easy to create and customize welcome emails and send them to every new visitor of your websites and have a proper follow up to convert them as customers.

Automatic Emails – Create an array of your email campaigns and fire them on the basis of a condition or on an action or condition met. You can also resend emails which in nom-open emails.

Contact Management – You can upload contacts from different-2 sources like Excel, outlook, Shopify, and salesforce. Add new leads from your website and Facebook using a list building tool.

Tracking – Get real-time reports for email campaign performance and analyze the performance for each email campaign.


Lite – $5/month – Send 10000 emails, additionally 500 MB storage and live support, just sign up and access all these features.

Email – $20/month – send unlimited emails and use the features like list building, wooCommerce, integration, amazing branded templates, and basic e-commerce.

Email Plus – $45/month – deliver unlimited emails and get all the features of email plan and additionally segmentation, dedicated customer support, and much more.

Check it out more details about Constant Contact free email marketing software.

4. GetResponse – Reliable Email Marketing Software

GetResponse is a popular name in the field of email marketing and has set its brand for sending mass emails in a limited budget price and plans. It provides important features like automation and tracking, you will be always in touch with your customer inside a magical loop. Using GetResponse you can use additional services like Litmus, Return Path, Spam Haus, Port, 25 to ensure 99% inbox placement rates. You can give a value to your email campaign with GetResponhse email marketing service.

GetResponse - Best email marketing service 2020
GetResponse – 5 Free Email Marketing Software 2020


Email Editor – Create professional and amazing templates with the thousands of pre-built templates and you can also customize them as per your requirement. You can also use 5000 + licensed images from Shutterstock to build high-quality emails.

Ads Creator – You can easily publish your ads or your product ads on your social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, and Bitchute.

Landing Page – Collect leads using amazing and beautiful landing pages, no need to have a website for this.

Statistics – Get detailed reports for your email campaign like open email, click an email, bounce email, unsubscribe email and etc.


Basic – $15/month – send unlimited emails to 1000 subscribers.

Plus – Deliver unlimited emails to multiple subscribers, and additionally use A/B testing, follow up emails features.

Professional – $99/month – Deliver unlimited emails and additionally use marketing automation, landing pages, advanced segmentation.

Enterprise – $1199/month – send unlimited emails to more than 100000 subscribers.

Note: Have a 30 day trial for their product without inserting the credit card details.

Check it out more details about GetResponse free email marketing service.

5. MailerLite – Software On The Next Level

It would really be interesting if you can send 12000 emails to 1000 subscribers using MailerLite for totally free of cost. You can get different varieties of email templates in a different-2 niche like fashion, arts, travel, manufacturing, and more. Further, you can easily track the sales performance for each email campaign. Send triggered email upon any specific action and events like cart abandoned, payment failure, and successful transaction.

MailerLite email marketing service - send bulk email for free of cost
MailerLite email marketing service – 5 Free Email Marketing Software 2020


Ecommerce Integration – Easy to integrate e-commerce websites like Shopify and Woo-Commerce. You can create the segmented email campaign which will be based on the behavior and other impacting factors of customers.

Email Creation – You can build an email with HTML editor additionally you can get build-in image editing, file managers, rich text editor, drag, and drop email editor to build amazing and eye-catching emails.

Grow Subscribers – You can sustain and increase your subscribers with the help of landing page, subscriber forms, sign up form, unsubscribe page builder. Most of the email marketing software you will not get this type of features for free of cost.

Segmentation – You can perform an A/B testing of templates subject like and content. Send the targetted emails on the basis of customer behavior and interest and increase your email delivery rate.


Using MailerLite you can send 12000 emails to 1000 subscribers. And sending further more emails you can upgrade to higher plan or paid plan where you can send unlimited emails to more subscribers.

You can easily calculate the price for your plan with the help of price drag handle.

Check it out more details about MailerLite free email marketing software.

Conclusion –

So Friends, In this blog post(5 Free Email Marketing Software 2020) we have seen a few best email marketing software 2020. These amazing bulk email marketing services are a great advantage for the online promotion of our product and service at ease. You can easily analyze the price and features of these above-listed best email marketing services.

we have also explored tools of email marketing, best email marketing examples. Free email marketing(5 Free Email Marketing Software 2020) trials not only provides the advantage for startups, new growing company or organization but they also help the big companies to test the service and analyze the features and functions of any email marketing solution before investing huge money for higher plans.

This free plan is a great help for both small and big companies. A new user can also learn the features and functions and procedures for a new email marketing service by using a trial version of the tool. A free email trial helps you a lot to learn the email marketing procedure thoroughly as we can test and try it without any headache. And once we are satisfied with the service then we can upgrade our plan as per our requirements|5 Free Email Marketing Software|

Within this blog post(5 Free Email Marketing Software 2020) we have gone through What is the best free email marketing service, Which software is best for email marketing, free email marketing tools, free bulk email marketing, free email marketing automation tools.

In the case of any queries, you can write to us at [email protected] we will get back to you ASAP.

Hope! you would have enjoyed this post about ‘5 Free Email Marketing Software 2020 – Send Bulk Emails’.

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