Can Yahoo Send Scheduled Emails?

No, unlike Gmail you can not send the scheduled emails using the yahoo email service.|Can Yahoo Send Scheduled Emails|

Instead, you can go for a third-party service that allows you to design the email templates and also scheduled your email as per your requirement.|Can Yahoo Send Scheduled Emails|

Sometimes back you could not send bulk emails using the email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo and etc. As they are also a public email client so…

… to maintain the authenticity and security of the email they allowed only the transactions email but not the marketing emails.

But after sometimes when people demanded to send the bulk emails using their own domain by Gmail SMTP then later these email service providers…

… launches a few apps or programs using which people could easily send the marketing emails using Gmail and yahoo SMTP service or dashboard.

But in Gmail, you can schedule your emails as per your time requirement but in yahoo, you can not do this as of now. But you can achieve this with the help of a third-party ESP system.

If you could connect your yahoo SMTP with any third-party email service providers then you can use the email schedule features of that ESP. Usually, all the ESP provide this facility nowadays.

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