What is the difference between the Internet and the Intranet?

Hello Friends, In this blog post(What is the difference between the Internet and the Intranet) I am going to let you know about the difference between the internet and the intranet. Both are known as the communication network used to make communication amongst devices.

Internet is a public domain or network that can be accessed by anyone over the browser, whereas intranet is considered as a private network or a specific private area where the communication is limited to the specific domain within a limited number of people present in the private area|What is the difference between the Internet and the Intranet|

A comparison between the internet and intranet can be understood under the following points below/ What is the difference between the Internet and the extranet?

Internet is a single large, loosely coupled network from several different local, metropolitan and wide area networks. Whereas, an intranet is a private data communication network used by many companies to exchange information among employees and resources.

Due to the large area network of the internet, it can not be provided much secure communication among users. In contrast, an intranet provides security functionality using a firewall by filtering incoming and outgoing traffic.

We can distinguish the internet as a network medium, where thousands of computers are incorporated for communication purposes. In contrast, an intranet can be distinguished as a service that enables a particular organization to access the data.

Internet is a very complex structure of networking, In contrast, an intranet is not as complex as the internet.

The Internet can be understood as a backbone provider for all kinds of network services. Whereas the intranet can be understood as a network service provider for a particular organization.

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