HTTP Response: HTTP Response status code meaning/ What is in an HTTP response? / What is HTTP request and response?

Hello Friends, In this blog post, I am going to let you know about the various important HTTP responses that are seen most often while surfing the internet.

You would have seen and felt it many times while you would have surfed over the internet in search of any website and etc.

For example, you type a website URL in the browser and then you suddenly see that the website is not opening even it is continuously showing the processing sign on the screen and get a 102 error code.

When your request is successful then you get a 200 response code which means everything is fine and you get the desired result on your screen.

So like this, we are going to discuss what is in an HTTP response? and what is HTTP request and response? within this blog.

you will see several HTTP response message examples in this blog and will learn the HTTP response code meaning.

These HTTP responses are for indicating the information or errors.

Often we type any URL on the browser and then we get an error displaying some code like 400 or 401.

So, every error codes have their own meaning. And If we know the details of the error then it is easier to solve the problem ASAP.


Here we will see all the important HTTP responses or errors which we interact with most often.

These errors are also classified into the class of hundreds.














In this blog post, you got to know about the HTTP response code which may occur on various activities during visiting the website or anything over the internet. These HTTP response codes tell us the actual or suspected reasons for many types of error so that we can fix that error in the right direction. For example, if you visit any website and you got a 204 error code then it indicates that there is no content on that website.

We have gone through what is in an HTTP response?… What is an HTTP request and response? and we have seen lots of HTTP response messages example.

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