SNA: System Network Architecture And Its Types.

Hello friends, In this blog post(System Network Architecture) we will go through the study of computer or system network architecture. Here we will explore What are the types of network architecture. Why is network architecture important? How do you create a network architecture? What are the important components of network architecture?

System network architecture(SNA) is of interest because it predates OSI, it was first introduced in 1974. It is probably the most widely used network architecture.

Originally it was designed to connect a single host with terminals, but it was updated in 1976 to allow multiple hosts to communicate|System Network Architecture|

Fig 1 shows the layered structure of SNA. It shows seven layers, be warned that some references present SNA as a six or even a five-layer protocol|System Network Architecture|

Fig1. SNA Seven-layer protocol: System Network Architecture

The discrepancies occur because some people do not consider the lowest or highest layers to be part of SNA. On the surface, SNA resembles the OSI model because both are designed to connect a variety of devices.

One difference between SNA and OSI is that each OSI layer has its header that it appends to data received from the next-higher layer. This does not occur in SNA. Fig 2 describes the process.

Fig2. Packing data in SNA: System Network Architecture

At the highest layer, the user data is divided into one or more request /response units(RUs).

Each layer passes the RU down to a lower one, with some of them adding extra headers.

Transmission control adds an RU header, path control adds a transmission header, and data link control adds a link header.

Some references show a function header added at the second-highest layer, but others consider it as part of the RU.

Finally, the lowest layer transmits the RU and the appended header as a bitstream.

What are the types of network architecture?

If we talk about the computer network then we should know that we can design a computer network in several ways.

This whole arrangement of computers is done to establish successful communication amongst them how the task is allocated to this computer and how to make it done.

The two most used and popular computer network architectures are peer-to-peer and client/server.

Why is network architecture important?

Network architecture is very important to handle all possible functionality during communication. It is responsible for system robustness, and system extensibility.

It also handles the system functionality when any change occurs in hardware system software, and application software.

The most important thing is security which is looked up and maintained by network architecture.

How do you create a network architecture?

For creating any network architecture there is a basic procedure that should be followed.

You can go through the procedure for creating the network architecture below.

First, prepare a clear map of the network or an outline of the network architecture.

Prepare the structure and layout of the cabling equipment.

Discover the quantity, type, and location of all the network devices which is needed in the architecture.

Configuration of IP structuring in the network with end-to-end testing.

Detailed checkup for the network architecture security and processes.

What are the important components of network architecture?

Various devices are used in establishing network architecture. You can see the list of the same below.

Routers are responsible for forwarding the data packet from one end to another end through the devices.

Other types of equipment are network hubs, switches, wireless access points, network cables, network servers, and NIC(network interface card).

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Using this blog post(System Network Architecture) we have gone through What are the types of network architecture? Why is network architecture important? How do you create a network architecture? What are the important components of network architecture?

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