What is the data structure? / What are the data structures and their types?

Hello Friends, In this blog tutorial, I am going to let you know about what is a data structure and how data is processed on a data structure. Most of you would have studied data structure either during your engineering time or you will be reading this in the current.

Within this blog, we will explore What is a data structure and its types? What is a data structure example? What is the data in data structures? Why is data structure important? Types of data structure, Data structure examples. Data structure interview questions.

A data structure is a very interesting subject to read and it can be considered as a base model architecture to start our programming and managing DBMS.

As data can be collected and stored in many different ways. And if it is collected and stored as per a logical and mathematical model of a specific organization of data then this model of data collection is known as a data structure.

An example of some data structure is an array, linked list, stacks, queues, and trees. The data appears in our data structure with the help of a certain operation.

The selection of a particular data structure is based upon a specific operation which is we going to perform. So which kind of operation we are going to take along with its frequency will decide our choice for a data structure.

Four major operations in a data structure: How data is processed?


Traversing is a process of visiting each record once in our data structure to process a certain item in the list of records.

For understanding, it is better just assume this is like a survey of all the houses in a particular colony. then you would need to go to each door or access each door of a colony and then process your survey work.

So here it is called survey and in the language of data structure, it is known as traversing or sometimes also called visiting the record in a data structure.


it is just finding a specific record location with a given key value or finding all record locations which satisfy one or more given conditions in our data structure.


It is just a simple process to add a new record to our data structure.


It is a simple process to remove a record from the data structure.

The deletion process could have more than two or more operations for a given specific situation. Let’s say we want to delete a record with a given key value, this means that first, we need to identify the location of this record in a data structure.

For this special situation, we need to follow two important operations which are given below.

Sorting: Sorting is the process of arranging all the records in a logical order.

Merging: merging is a process of combining the two different sorted files into a single sorted file. There is two other important data structure operation for such a special case that is copying and concatenation.

What are the 2 main types of data structures?

One is an array of contiguous memory and linked structure are two main types of data structure.

Why is data structure important?

Data structure plays an important role in managing data efficiently which directly impacts the programs or algorithms’ execution. Data structure manages the data in a proper way to increase program efficiency.

What is the use of data structure in real life?

Generally, in machine learning technology decision-based algorithms have been used that work with the algorithm of the tree.

The tree data structure is also used as indexing for several databases. DNS(domain name system) also uses a tree data structure to maintain its database for all the domains.

What are the applications of data structure?

The main focus of the data structure is used to manage a large database efficiently. The data structure is generally used to manage a huge database and internet indexing.

The data structure is the key element to generate an efficient algorithm for data management or program execution.

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So the definition of data structure is the collection of data in an organized manner with a logical and mathematical model or architecture. And this blog also explained how the data is processed on a data structure. We will come up with lots of good and updated blog posts covering the entire mean of data structure in our upcoming data structure tutorial. So please keep reading our blog.

Using this blog we have explored What is a data structure and its types? What is a data structure example? What is data in data structures? Why is data structure important? Types of data structure, Data structure examples.

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