What is Linker? Why is it required?

Hello Friends, in this blog post(What is Linker) I am going to let you know about the linker in a programming language. You will know what this is all about and why is it used in the execution of a program.

Generally, a modular approach is used to develop reasonably sized software. In this approach, the software is divided into a number of smaller subprograms called modules, and separate source programs are written for each module of the software. It is easier to develop, test, and debugs smaller programs|What is Linker|

Each source program file can be modified and compiled independently of another source program file to create a corresponding object program file|What is Linker|


A linker is a program that is used to properly combine all the object program files(Modules) of the software and convert them into the final executable program, which is called a load module.

it means that a linker takes object program files(Modules), and fits them together to assemble them into the program’s final executable form.

What is the difference between compiler and linker?

A compiler is used to generate the object code file which is also called machine language code. Whenever the linker collects all the object files and combines them with the executable file. But in some languages compiler does not have a separate linker so in that situation compiler does the work of the linker.

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