File Organization/ What is the file Organisation and its types?

Hello Friends, In this blog post(What is the file Organisation and its types) I am going to explain to you about file organization. file organization refers to the manner in which the records of a file are arranged on secondary storage. The most popular file organization schemes are as follows.

What is the file Organisation and its types:

Types of file organization:

Sequential: Records are placed in physical order. The next record is the one that physically follows the previous records. This organization is natural for files stored on magnetic tape, an inherently sequential medium.

Disk files may also be sequentially organized, but for various reasons, records in a sequential disk file are not necessarily stored contiguously.

Direct: Records are directly(randomly) accessed by their physical addresses on a direct access storage device(DASD). The application user places the records on the DASD is any order appropriate for a particular application.

Direct files require that the application user be familiar with the detailed physical organization of the DASDs upon which the files are stored. Hashing techniques are useful in locating data in a direct access file.

Indexed sequential: Records are arranged in a logical sequence according to a key contained in each record. The system maintains an index containing the physical addresses of certain principal records.

Indexed sequential records may be accessed sequentially in key order, or they may be accessed directly, by a search through the system-created index. Indexed sequential files are normally stored on disk.

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