What Is The Internet And Its Applications?

Hello Friends, In this blog post I am going to let you know about the most usable thing in today’s time that is called the Internet. The Internet is the medium to make communication from one person to another person, from one place to another place. The communication can be made both ways wired or wireless depending on the requirement of the system.

The Internet is a worldwide computer network which is made up of thousands of networks that enables communications among 10s of millions of computers.

From the point of view of internetworking, it is amazing that no one is in overall charge of the internet. Although many standard firms have developed technical aspects of this network, no governing body has global control. The Internet backbone is owned by several companies that are located in all corners of the world.

Actually, the Internet is a network medium and not a service. this means that the internet is an information highway that enables software applications to run over it. The Internet can be accessed by entities ranging from big firms (e.g., corporations, universities, government, and research institutes) to home users.

Normally large firms access the internet through a router that interconnects their internal LAN with the leased high capacity transmission line. Through a dial-up modem which connects to an internet service provider(ISP) through standard local telephone lines.

Small businesses and home users access the internet. Then ISP provides the interconnection to the internet through high-capacity transmission lines which it owns or leases.

Many networks that make up the internet itself are run by network service providers(NSPs). NSP buys or leases transmission facilities consisting of wireless links, satellite links, copper wires, optical fiber cables such as cable plant operators, telecommunication companies and wireless communications which own transmission facilities.

High-speed internet access is offered by NSPs by selling bandwidth and network connectivity to ISPs. Commonly, NSPs are known as backbone providers because they offer direct access to the internet backbone and the network access point(NAPs).

An example of the internetwork path is shown in fig1, in which a message might follow in a user to user message exchange. It is assumed that the sender is located in a small business.


Hence, at the end, the user connection is done through a modem to a local ISP via standard telephone lines. A network service provider through a leased wire or wireless lines is connected by ISP from local telephone companies.

The message is inserted by the NSP onto the internet, where it may traverse many links or routers before reaching another NSP at the receiving end.

When the message recipient is situated in a large organization, the message will travel from the NSP to an external router and then goes through the LAN of the organization to the recipient.

Application of internet:

Some of the applications of the internet are –

Email – Email(Electronic mail) allows users to send and receive messages and data through the internet.

FTP – FTP(File transfer protocol) is a protocol (or set of rules) that enables files to transfer from one computer to another. The files available for FTP are stored on FTP servers. FTP client is an interface, allows users to locate files to be transferred and initiate and transfer process.

WWW – WWW(World wide web) is a system based on hypertext or HTTP, to provide, organize, and access a wide variety of resources that are available on the internet.

Telnet – It is protocol, enables one computer to establish a connection to another computer. The computer establishing a connection is referred to as local computer, the computer accepting connection is referred to as a remote or host computer.

Mailing list – it enables groups of peoples to conduct group conversations by email and provides a way of distributing newsletters by email.

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