Compare CSMA, CSMA/CD, and CSMA/CA Techniques in MAC Layer.

Hello Friends, in this blog post(Compare CSMA, CSMA/CD, CSMA/CA Technique in MAC Layer) we are going to discuss a comparison between CSMA vs CSMA-CD vs CSMA-CA.


A station senses before transmitting.

CSMA is used in LANs configured in a bus topology.

To a certain extent, it can reduce collision. However, it does not eliminate the possibility and it does not provide the procedure to deal with them when they occur.

In CSMA a station continues transmission of a frame until the end of the frame even if a collision occurs.


Station sense before transmission.

CSMA/CD is used in wired LANs as a MAC method.

It is the same as CSMA except that it includes procedures to detect a collision and deal with them when they occur.

If a station is transmitting and a collision is detected then transmission of the wasted frame is abandoned.


station sense before transmission.

It is used with wireless LANs.

CSMA/CA is the same as CSMA/CD except CSMA/CA implements steps to prevent a collision from occurring.

We need to avoid collisions on wireless networks because they can not be detected.

Collisions are avoided through the use of CAMA/CA’s three strategies – the interframe space, the contention window, and acknowledgments.

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