Core Java Interview Questions part 1/ Role of Network in java.

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Why java is compatible with the internet?

Java is compatible with the internet because of two main reasons, which are given below.

It is system independent and hence its programs can run on any type of computer system available on the internet.

It eliminates a lot of security problems for data on the internet.

Compare .exe file and .class file in java?

.exe file contains machine code or language for the microprocessor and is system-dependent. on the other hand .class file contains byte code instructions for the JVM and is system independent.

Which is the most widely used protocol on the internet?

Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) is the most widely used protocol on the internet. The text on the internet is sent or received from one machine to another using this protocol only.

What is the advantage of the network?

The main advantage of the network is that it makes resource sharing possible among the connected systems, thus helping in better utilization of resources.

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