Core Java Interview Questions Part 5/ control statement in java.

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What are control statement in core java?

Control statement is the statements which alter the flow of execution and provide better control to the programmer on the flow of execution. They are useful to write better and complex programs.

Which loop is efficient out of do-while and while in java?

In a do-while loop, the statements are executed without testing the condition, the first time. From the second time, only the condition is observed. This means that programmers do not have control right from the beginning of its execution.

In a while loop, the condition is tested first and then only the statements are executed. This means it provides better control right from the beginning. Hence, while the loop is more efficient than a do-while loop.

What is collection in core java ?

A collection represents a group of elements like integer values or objects. Examples for collections are arrays and java.util classes(stack, linkedlist, vector, etc.)

Why goto statements are not available in java?

goto statements lead to confusion for a programmer. Especially, in a large progarm, if several goto statements are used, the programmer would be preplexed while understanding the flow from where to where the control is jumping.

What is the difference between return and system.exit(0)?

return statement is used inside a method to come out of it. System.exit(0) is used in any method to come out of the program.

What is the difference between system.exit(0) and system.exit(1) in core java?

system.exit(0) terminates the program normally. Whereas system.exit(1) terminates the program because of some errors encountered in the program.

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