Core Java Interview Questions Part 16/Streams and Files and Networking in java.

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What is the difference between Systems? out and System. err?

Both are used to display messages on the monitor. System. out is used to display normal messages as:

System. out.Println(“hello”);

System. err is used to display any error messages in the program as:

System. err.Println(“This is an error”);

What is the advantage of the stream concept?

A stream is used to move data from one place to another place. This concept can be used to receive data from an input device and send data to an output device.

What is the default buffer size used by any buffered class?

It is 512 bytes.

What is serialization?

Serialization is the process of storing object contents into a file. The class whose objects are stored in the file should implement the ‘serialization’ interface of the package.

Which type of variables can not be serialized?

The static and transient variables can not be serialized.

Once the objects are stored in a file, they can be later retrieved and used as and when needed.

What is de-serialization?

De-serialization is the process of reading back the objects from a file.

What is an IP address?

An IP address is a unique identification number allotted to every computer on a network or internet. IP address contains some bytes which identify the network and the actual computer inside the network.

What is DNS?

Domain naming service is a service on the internet that maps the IP addresses with corresponding website names.

What is a socket?

A Socket is a point of connection between a server and a client on a network.

What is the port number?

A Port number is a 2-byte number that is used to identify a socket uniquely.

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