Core Java Interview Questions Part 19/ Graphics Programming Using Swing/ Graphics programming layout managers

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What are java foundation classes?

Java Foundation Classes (JFC) represent a class library developed in pure java which is an extension of AWT.

Discuss the MVC architecture in JFC/Swing?

Model-View-Controller is a model used in swing components. The model represents the data of the component. The view represents its appearance and the controller is a mediate between the model and the view. MVC represents the separation of the model of an object from its view and how it is controlled.

What are the various window panes available in the swing?

There are 4 window panes: Glass pane, Root Pane, Layered Pane, and content pane.

What are the borders available in swing?

All orders are available in BorderFactory class in class in java.swing.border.package.

What is a layout manager?

A layout manager is a class that is useful to arrange components in a particular manner in a frame or container.

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