Core Java Interview Questions Part 10/ relationship between objects and Inheritance.

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What is object graph?

Object graph is a graph showing relationship between different objects in memory.

What is anonymous inner class?

It is an inner class whose name is not written in the outer class and for which only one object is created.

What is Inheritance?

Deriving new classes from existing classes such that the new classes acquire all the features of existing classes is called inheritance.

Why superclass members are available to subclass?

It is because the subclass object contains a copy of the superclass object.

What is the advantage of inheritance?

In inheritance, a programmer reuses the superclass code without rewriting it, in the creation of subclasses. so, developing the classes becomes very easy. Hence, the programmer’s productivity increased.

Why multiple inheritances are not available in java?

Multiple inheritance is not available in java for the following reasons:

It leads to confusion for a java program.

The programmer can achieve multiple inheritances by using the interface.

The programmer can achieve multiple inheritances by repeatedly using single inheritance.

How many types of inheritance are there?

There are two types of inheritance single and multiple. All other types are mere combinations of these two. However, java supports only single inheritance.

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