Core Java Interview Questions Part 3/ program beginning with java.

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What is an API document?

An API document is a .html file that contains descriptions of all the features of a software, a product, or a technology. API document is helpful for the user to understand how to use the software or technology.

What is the difference between the #include and import statements?

#include directive makes the compiler go to the C/C++ standard library and copy the code from the header files into the programs. As a result, the program size increases, thus wasting memory and processor’s time.

Import statement makes the JVM go to the java standard library, execute the code there, and substitute the result into the program. Here, no code is copied hence no waste of memory or processor’s time. So, import is an efficient mechanism than #include.

What happens if string args[] is not written in the main() method?

When the main() method is written without string args[] as:
public static void main()
The code will compile but JVM cannot run the code because it cannot recognize the main() method as the method from which it should start the execution of the java program. Remember JVM always looks for the main() method with string type array as parameter.

What is the difference between the print() and Println() method?

Both methods are used to display the results on the monitor. The print () method displays the result and then retains the cursor in the same line, next to the end of the result. Println() displays the result and then throws the cursor to the next line.

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