Core Java Interview Questions Part 18/Graphics programming using AWT.

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What is the difference between a window and a frame?

A window is a frame without any borders and titles, whereas a frame contains borders and titles.

What is the event delegation model?

The event delegation model represents that when an event is generated by the user on a component, it is delegated to a listener interface and the listener calls a method in response to the event. Finally, the event is handled by the method.

Which model is used to provide actions to AWT components?

Event delegation model.

What is an adapter class?

An adapter class is an implementation class of a listener interface that contains all methods implemented with an empty body.

For example, WindowAdapter is an adapter class of the WindowListener interface. Adapter classes reduce overhead on programming while working with listener interfaces.

What is anonymous inner class?

Anonymous inner class is an inner class whose name is not mentioned, and for which only one object is created.

What is the default layout in a frame?

It is a BorderLayout.

What is the default layout in an applet?

It is a Flow layout.

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