Core Java Interview Questions Part 4/ naming conventions, data type, and operator in java.

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What is the difference between float and double?

Float can represent up to 7 digits accurately after decimal point, where as double can represent up to 15 digits accurately after decimal point.

What is Unicode system?

Unicode system is an encoding standard that provides the unique number for every character, no matter what the platform, program, language is. Unicode uses 2 bytes to represent a single character.

What are the positive and negative numbers represented internally?

Positive numbers are represented in binary using 1’s compliment notation and negative numbers are represented by using 2’s compliment notation.

What is the difference between >> and >>>?

Both bitwise right shift (>>) operator and bitwise zero-filled right shift operator(>>>) is used to shifting the bits towards the right. The difference is that >> will protect the sign bit whereas the >>> operator will not protect the sign bit. It always fills 0 in the sign bit.

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