Personalized Email: How to personalize an email with a name? / What is personalized email marketing / How do I Personalise my email?

Hello Friends, In this blog post(How to personalize an email with a name), I am going to let you know about Email personalization and the importance of personalized email.

Before going into the depth we should first know what is a personalized message? and what do you mean by personalized email?| How to personalize an email with a name|

If we send an email or message by his/her personal name then this email or message is considered a personalized email or message|How to personalize an email with a name|

What is a personalized message? / Email personalization examples/ What is Personalized Email?| How to personalize an email with a name?

First I will let you know the difference between General email and personalized email.

General Email:  Email which comes like Hello Friends, Hi Friends, Hi, Hello, Hello Sir/Mam, Dear Sir/Mam, and Dear all, these all are the general tag which we can use anywhere while sending the emails.

Personalized email: email like Hello John, Dear jack, hi Mary, These all are the personalized email that comes with our name.

What are personalized and what are non-personalized tags..? / What do you mean by personalized?

See the below image for the same.


What is the benefit of the personalized email over general email…….?

As we see real-life human behavior, when someone calls us by our name then we suddenly pay attention to his concern.

OR in a meeting hall where several people are sitting together don’t usually concentrate on all the topics, but when something is dedicated to them with announcing their name then they pay full attention towards the topic.

So in today’s time, everyone likes personal attention to them.

A few benefits of personalized email are given below.

1. You will have a great open chance for your email.

2. It can increase your email open rate and decrease spam.

3. you can get more attention to your emails as they are personalized email and person-specific.
So it is a good practice to send the personalized email in which you are sending professional emails however you can send the general emails when they are your personal emails and can use any tag as per your requirement.

How can we Personalized Email……?

Probably you will be sending your emails using ESP or with Gmail, Yahoo and etc.

Mostly all the ESP provides this facility of personalized email with the help of personalizing Tag.

For Example, You can send your emails like:

Hi {name}
Hi {firstname}
Hi {Lastname}

Usually, in all the ESP the process remains similar. You just need to upload a CSV file containing the name and emails of your subscribers.

Then while sending the emails you can use the personalized tag in your emails and it will be visible to your subscribers.

Please see the sample CSV file in the below image.

In case you are using Gmail or sending your emails then you can visit the given extensive link below.


Personalized Tag in Gmail…

Email Personalization with Gmail…

Quick Q&A: How to personalize an email with a name?

What is a personalized email?

Personalized emails are those which are generally sent to the subscribers by using a few relevant information of the subscribers like name, surname, etc. This helps in establishing a better interaction and relationship with the customers or subscribers.

How do I Personalise my email?

For sending personalized emails we use personalized email tags.  The data of these personalized tags are being fetched from a list where the users’ or subscribers’ records are maintained in.

For a step-by-step procedure, you can go through this blog above where it is mentioned in detail.

Do customers want personalization?

We should be thankful for most of the e-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart which have made users very familiar with these personalized emails and now users find them interesting and give them more attention as compared to the non-personalized emails.

Now the personalized emails have been the expectation and desire of most of the users and they are liking it and they find such emails more touchy and attached.


In this blog post(How to personalize an email with a name), you have known the importance of personalized email over non-personalized email. According to the various case studies by several researchers across the globe over personalized emails, personalized emails have more impact on users than non-personalized emails. Peoples feel very touchy with personalized emails, they provide much attention to personalized emails. Personalized email success in building a strong relationship with new and old users.

We have learned how to  Personalise my email? what is a personalized message?..and what do you mean by personalized?. We have also covered the section about What is personalized email marketing, Email campaign personalization, how to personalize an email with the name|How to personalize an email with a name|

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