Temporal Association Rules.

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Association rules describe whether a particular subset of items is supported by an adequate number of transactions.|Temporal Association Rules|

They are normally static in character. As we have mentioned earlier, a static association rule discovers the association between any two actions,s for instance, the purchase of aerated soft drinks and stomach upsets.

However, the association may not indicate any causal relationship, unless the temporality in the association is brought out.

One can extend the association rule discovery to incorporate temporal aspects too.

It must be noted that the presence of temporal association rules may suggest a number of interpretations, like.

The earlier events play some role in causing the later action.
There is a third set of reasons that causes both events.
The confluence of actions is coincidental.

Temporal association rules are sometimes viewed in the literature as casual rules. Casual rules define the relationship, where changes in one event cause subsequent changes in other parts of the domain.

They are common targets of scientific destinations within the medical domain, where finding factors that may cause or aggravate a particular disease is important.

The static properties, like gender, and the temporal properties, like medical treatments, are taken into account during mining.

While the concept of association rules discovery is similar to temporal and non-temporal rules, algorithms designed for conventional rules can not be directly applied to extract temporal rules.

The reason is classical association rules have no notion of order, whilst time implies an ordering.

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