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Hello Friends, In this blog post(How do I add a Mailtrack to Gmail), I will let you know, how to track your email whether it is open or not using the MailTrack Google chrome extension. We will discuss what is the best email tracker for Gmail?.

MailTrack chrome extension is the Best free email tracker for Gmail. you can easily track your email open status using this amazing MailTrack extension|How do I add a Mailtrack to Gmail|

It is a very important analysis of your email campaign, it really helps us to keep track of the following information given below|How do I add a Mailtrack to Gmail|

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1. it tells us what type of content users like the most.

2. what type of emails get the most exposure in Infront of the users.

3. MailTrack also helps us in identifying what subject line becomes more effective.

4. it also tells us how much improvement we need to make our email campaign successful

5. MailTrack also gives us the confidence to provide more material if we get high-quality content.

6. it is easy to plot the graph amongst various email campaigns.

7. MailTrack also tells us which product is more demanding in the market and thus gives us the exposure to work in a
specific area.

8. MailTrack also provides information about the best suitable time to send our email campaigns.
Now the question is if we send our email campaigns with lots of mediums like public email providers like Gmail or Yahoo
and private ESP like Convert kit, Elastic Email and etc.

you can track your email regardless of the medium you are sending your email using MailTrack.

If you are sending your emails using any ESP service then they give this facility to track your emails in your dashboard.

Might be in some ESP you need to activate this setting of MailTrack to see the open tracks of your emails. This thing you can concern with your support team of your concerning ESP.

But in case you are sending your emails to public Email providers like Gmail and Yahoo and etc. then you need to make some extra configuration for MailTrack.

though there could be many alternative methods to do the same thing. but I am telling here one best method which is being used worldwide.

How to track your Gmail email open using MailTrack?

It is a very simple procedure to implement this functionality in your Gmail using MailTrack.

You just need to install the Mailtracker chrome extension in your Chrome browser.

It is a completely free solution to use in case you use its basic plan, this plan is enough for general purposes.
If you want to use it for professional purposes then you can check for the premium plans.

How many browsers support this MailTrack? / How do I add a Mailtrack to Gmail?

MailTrack is supported by Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and etc. However, you can check for the latest updates on the site.

Check out the link here…

What is the procedure to implement this Mailtrack extension in my Gmail account…? / How do I send an email using Mailtrack?

You just need to follow step by step procedure for the same below.



Once you will click on the Add to Chrome, it will automatically start downloading and installing.







When you send an email then you can see one arrow sign is looking green and another is white.


Once recipients read your emails or message then both the sign becomes green.


You also get an alert pop-up message on your screen and one MailTrack email in your inbox. You can see this in the image below.


How to allow this MailTrack extension for the Incognito browser? How to disable this browser? How to delete this browser from our account?

This is also a very simple procedure, you just need to follow the below procedure step by step.

Go to the Setting in your Chrome browser at the right corner.

Click on the extension as shown in the image below.


You can check the Mailtrack extension and can apply further action as shown in the image below.


Is there any alternate or similar solution to this MailTrack?/ Email tracking app

you can also try Email Tracker which also supports Outlook, Hotmail and etc along with Gmail? Get the link below for the same.

How to track Emails with the help of Email Tracker….?


It is always nice to see the instant result for any activity that we do, and we talk about the email, it will be very exciting for us to know the instant details about our sent email. If we send emails to our users or customers and we can discover whether it is open or not then it will be a wonderful experience for us. In this blog post, we saw how can we track our Gmail mail with the help of the chrome extension Mailtrack|How do I add a Mailtrack to Gmail|

So we have gone through how do I add a Mailtrack to Gmail? What is the best email tracker for Gmail? How do I send an email using Mailtrack?.|How do I add a Mailtrack to Gmail|

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